My first venture into making a booktube video | #cringe | Booktubeathon 2017

I have been watching ALOT of Booktubeathon and I really wanted to join in, so I grabbed the preverbial horns and went and made a video.

Not too sure how well it will be recieved, but you cannot blame a girl for trying!

I will be blogging as well, so keep an eye out here too :)

Let me know what you think and BE KIND!


Liebster Award | I was selected!

I was tagged by the lovely Mayuri over at 'The Crazy List' for this award, so I am very happy to carry it on and answer these question and then I shall forward it on :)

What is a Liebster award?
The Liebster Award 2017 is an award that exists on the Internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers.
So Without further a do, lets got on with it!

House of Shadows | Nicola Cornick | review

This book for me was a perfect mixture of history, modern day mystery and romance. I really do not like sloppy romances, it just bores me to a degree that I just stop reading, give me murder mystery and adventure any day, however, I am a fan of romance , so I am paradoxical. However, what that has to do with this review, I have no idea, I just go with the flow and type what flows from my fingers, so lets get on with the business at hand...

Reading Through time | blog to blog tour

I got this crazy idea that it would be good fun to have blog to blog tour, all reading books that would take us through a period of time and co-ordinating the blog posts so that each blog would post in order of era, ie, the earliest first running all the way through to the future.
I got sick and RL took over and all plans went tits up, but here we are, I am going ahead with it, so here is my offerings -
I hope you enjoy :)

Goodreads Goodies!

I do not know about you guys, but if I am not reading I am looking at, sniffing, researching or anything else that involves books and this includes adding large numbers of books to my to read list, so what I thought I would do is, count the number of books in my list, then randomly generate a couple of numbers, go down my list and show you what those books are and why I have them in my to read shelf.
Sounds fun?
Ok lets plough!

Tulip Fever | Deborah Moggach

I choose to listen to this book as part of my Audible monthly subscription, especially after I had seen a trailer for the film, looked totally up my street and I wanted to see what the book had to offer before I watched the film and I am so glad that I did......